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Step 1:

After you have inserted the additional TF memory card into the TF card slot of this phone, use your USB cable to connect your computer/laptop to your phone.

Step 2:

Create a Folder called "My Music" on the card. 

Step 3:

Copy/Paste mp3 songs from the computer to this folder

Step 4 A:

Go to "Menu" -- "Multimedia" -- "Audio Player" -- "List" -- "Options" -- "Settings" -- In Settings choose "Memory Card" in the first frame and click "OK" -- Click play icon to play it


Step 4 B:

Go to "Menu" -- "File Manager" -- "Memory Card" -- "Options" -- "Open" -- Choose the folder that includes your mp3 songs -- "Options" -- "Open" -- Choose the Song you want to play -- "Play"

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

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i have did everything that was on ur list and my phone is still saying that i have no music on my sd card

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Unfortuantely I only know so much about these phones. I recently called in about another cell phone I have to unlock MMS messaging and they had to perform a hard reset. Although it didn't work, they told me I would also have to change some of my settings in the phone to match my service provider. Looking back over my last post, I think it shows you how to change those settings, all you have to do now is hard reset it. You can do that by calling your service provider and they should be able to perform this process.

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