All information about SJ816 Sunnjet Chinese built cell phone

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SJ816 Cell Phone

I built this website because after countless hours of searching I have not come across one site that has information on this mobile phone. Here people can talk about their likes and dislikes towards this product about this cell phone's pros and cons and much more...

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Update 1/31/2013 - For those of you that have created an account and posted in 2012 I apologize because I no longer use this phone. I purchased a smart phone after using this phone and forgot this site existed completely. I hope you guys were able to figure out your problems using the manual.


- For anyone with internet problems (such as not being able to connect to the internet) Just so you know, with any unlocked phone including the SJ816 Sunjet , an unlocked phone cannot access the internet. 

[EDIT] I just found a link that tells me my above statement is false. I did not write the below instructions so I cannot promise they will work but you are free to try them. Follow these instructions below to connect the SJ816 to the internet

 This phone can be used with most carriers in the world with GSM networks including AT&T and T-Mobile in the US but of course this phone is not specifically made for these carriers. You have to set the phone up for date services, the settings for AT&T and T-Mobile have been saved in the phone, you only have to choose your carrier in the list, here are the steps:


1. Menu Service-WAP-Settings-Edit Profile-SIM1-Tmobile-Activate profile-ok.


2. Menu-Messages-MMS-MMS settings-Server profile-SIM1-Tmovile MMS-Activate profile-ok.


(Follow these steps if the SIM card is in the SIM1 slot)


As this phone was just designed to provide basic functions such as making calls, sending messages and enjoying music, it is not a phone designed for using the internet, so when you access a www website, you may find the phone says memory is low. This is because there is not enough memory in the phone for applications, so I suggest you only visit WAP websites which are designed for cellphones only. 


- This information was copied from the link below...